Reuse that tissue paper

When you have a party there can be so much waste; paper plates, wrapping paper, tissue paper etc. I try not to throw away things that can be reused. We have been reusing much of the wrapping paper and tissue paper that came with the wonderful gifts from my baby shower. Arora calls the tissue paper her “new fun paper”. One project that we have done a few times is simply tearing a sheet into pieces and then gluing it onto another paper. it sounds so simple but it is a favorite  around here. The tissue paper is easy enough for Arora to rip with out help and she loves using the glue stick. We hung this college in her room, with her glow in the dark stars. Another reason she likes these projects is it is easy to rip it apart and then get to re-glue it together. I figure the tissue paper is getting well used.

I guess the video is not working……I’m working on it.

Update 6-29-10: Video is now working!!


4 thoughts on “Reuse that tissue paper

  1. Great idea! It kind of reminds me of when we’d put tissue paper on a pencil eraser and then glue it down to make flowery shaped things that would kind of go into a mosaic in grade school. Maybe in a year or two Katie will be old enough to do that with her, but this is awesome for younger kids.

  2. Sometimes the simplest crafts are the very best! My 3-year-old gets excited about the funniest things. I’ll say, “Let’s draw a face on this paper plate and glue ribbon on as hair!” and she’ll be SO HAPPY. You would think I just told her she won an all-expenses-paid trip to Disneyland or something! 😉

  3. I should learn how to do videos for my blog.

    I seriously need craft ideas for Michael, so I’m glad you shared. He’s not really into the arts and crafts, but I at least want him exposed to it. Maybe glue and markers would do the trick?

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