all in one hour + kite making

This is what we did on Friday from 9-10am

Played with a princess puzzle, and Mr. Potato head. Built a house for a little stuffed chick, read a book twice.  Brushed and flossed our teeth. Scrubbed both bathrooms, Arora helped to sweep the floors. Sang a song while we cleaned. Switched the laundry and started another load. Arora helped to put the rugs and towels in the washer.  Loaded the dishwasher. Made air pop popcorn, ate it with yogurt dip. Washed the table after there was yogurt all over it. Crafted two “kites” with Popsicle sticks and leftover tissue paper from my baby shower. Sang some more songs and had a snuggle. I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom so I can do all these things every day.

Here is how you can make your own kites.

You will need: hot glue gun, wood sticks, tissue paper and ribbon.

First, make your frame by gluing ends of sticks together. I added a “brace” to the middle for support. Just two more sticks glued together.

Then cut out tissue paper making it slightly bigger then the frame.

Then using hot glue, glue paper over edges.

Then tie knots in ribbon and glue on end of kite.Now let your toddler pretend it is flying by throwing it up in the air over and over. I do not know if it would really fly but  Arora likes throwing it around just as much.


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