Getting ready for baby

I can hardly believe it is the beginning of June! Ender will be here in no time, well sometime between 7-9 weeks. We cleaned out our closet and are getting things organized for him to arrive. We set up his bed, and that alone made it seem like he is going to be here so soon. My sister Heidi is throwing me a baby shower on June 12th. I am excited to see so many friends and family and celebrate this coming baby.
In getting ready for Ender I am thinking about things that we will do the same, and things we will do differently, then we did with Arora. Some things that will be the same are: using hypnobabies for Ender’s birth, Breastfeeding, and EC.
Some things that I will do differently are: Take it easy at first! I really jumped back to doing everything after Arora was born, this time I’m going to ease back into our routine. This also means asking for and accepting more help.
Also I would love to find a Le Leche League or some other breastfeeding support group to go to. I had a difficult time starting nursing Arora and I think it added a lot of stress to those first few weeks. On the same track, I need to find a GOOD nursing bra. I just bought one from Motherhood Maternity and hate it 😦 Of course I can’t return it now because I wore it. There are pads sewn on the inside of the bra that have moved, so now they are all bunched up and look pathetic. There is no way to move them back unless I rip open a seam. It is basically not wear able.

I am trying to get Arora ready for the baby. We have been reading lots of books with babies in it. We also made this poster. We talk about how babies sometime cry and what to do if a baby is crying.  Such as give the baby a toy, sing a song, maybe the baby needs to go potty or is hungry etc. I think Arora will be a great big sister.

**I would love your suggestions on your favorite nursing bra.**

Also how did you get an older sibling ready for the new baby to arrive?


7 thoughts on “Getting ready for baby

  1. I am waaaay to old to give advice on nursing bras…Katie was weaned 23 years ago! Haha! All the brands have changed, I am sure. But if you want help remodeling the one you have, I’m pretty handy with a seam ripper. I’m sure some newer mamas will give you good advice on what to buy…and then I’ll buy it for you for your shower gift!

    And I adore La Leche League. I think you can google them to find nearby groups.

  2. Hey Holly,

    I have no idea how to get ready for a second baby. And no idea how to prepare an older sibling for it. And, sadly, I have no idea what to look for in a nursing bra since all of the ones I use are on loan from Kendra. But I am excited to read everyone else’s advice. Oh, and I know that you will do great. I’m excited for Ender!

    -Katie 🙂


    That was my fav bra with Oliver it held up really well & was comfortable and supportive no matter how engorged I was. I agree about not going to Motherhood maternity for nursing bras — I’ve had much better luck at Target and Kmart (not where you’d usually buy a bra right? but had the best nursing bras I could find, plus they are cheap.) Evan made baby Oliver a little brother box and everytime we’d find something in the house that he has “outgrown” like too small socks or a book or toy that is really meant for a baby he’d put it in the box. He decorated the box with cut outs of babys and his own drawings of what he thought Olivers hands and feet would be the size of. When it was the week Oliver was due we took Evan to the store a let him buy Ollie a new infant sized outfit and add it to the box. When Evan came back to the hospital the night after Oliver was born he brought the box to give to his brother as a present. Oliver wore the new clothes home from the hospital and Evan still finds things that he has “outgrown” and gives them to his brother.

  4. Hi, I’m Lisa’s neighbor, the one that went swimming with you guys that one time. I like your blog and I’m glad I found it.
    I had this really bad nursing bra with my first son and i think it gave me a clogged duct which caused mastitis. I hardly ever wear a bra now except a tank top with a shelf bra. And on rare occasions when I need a bra I have one that’s similar to a sports bra that I bought at motherhood and I really like it.

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