noodle necklace

This past week Arora has been wanting to do art projects everyday, or twice a day. Now that our supplies are all organized and in view they are easier to access. The other day we made a noodle necklace. First we papered the table and got out our florescent paint. Then we got out the mini wheel pasta. Arora would put paint on her brush then “stir” the noodles. It worked okay. They are not completely covered but they look nice.

Then the noodles needed to completely dry. I let them set over night. Then Arora picked  out a piece of thin ribbon and helped me thread the noodles on. She loves looking in the mirror and seeing her noodle necklace.

The only down side of this project is, the noodles break easily when thrown around.


4 thoughts on “noodle necklace

  1. Guess what? We just did this EXACT project earlier this week. 🙂

    What kind of paint did you use? We used poster paint and it was still wet even after we let the noodles air-dry for 24 hours.

    • We actually used some paint that I have had for years. It has no writing or brand on it to identify it. In the past we have used it for posters and pumpkin painting.

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