Dear Sid the Science Kid

Dear Sid the Science Kid,

Thank you for keeping my daughter entertained so I could fold and put away 5 loads of laundry yesterday. I am not a big fan of TV but you are changing my mind, a bit. My daughter now loves to wash her hands, thanks to the “germ” episode.  Also while brushing her teeth today she said “brush teeth like Sid!”

Thanks again,


4 thoughts on “Dear Sid the Science Kid

  1. The boys like Sid too. This is including Brian, sometimes when I come home from the gym the little boys are watching it while he gets a few more minutes of sleep. Medical school is a killer

  2. I like Sid the Science Kid because sometimes I actually learn something from that show. But wow, you must be a fast folder! I couldn’t get that much laundry folded in half an hour!

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