Portland Children’s Museum

Where: Portland Children’s Museum, front of museum

4015 SW Canyon Road

Portland Or 97221

(503) 223-6500

Hours : 7 days a week, 9-5

Cost: $8 per person,  kids under 1 year are free.

Description: Wonderful place to learn and explore for young children.  Mostly aimed at ages 1-5, some activities for older children but most kids over 8 will be bored. Most exhibits are just the right size for toddlers/preschoolers to manipulate. The traveling exhibit which is Kangaroo crossing right now is aimed at older kids.

We have visited the museum many time starting when Arora was around 18 months. She loved this little flower patch back then. Where you can pick the flowers then re-plant them. flower patch Now her favorite is the water room. In fact she calls the museum “The Water Room”.  I have learned to dress her for the water room.  Pants that are a little too short and short sleeve. They have vests to cover the kids, but they still end up wet. We saw a boy on this last trip who was nearly soaked!water room at CM There is also a little grocery store and deli. A theater for dress up and stage play. There is a train table, play Tri-met bus and story areas throughout. If you have very little ones there is a baby garden that is designed for 0-3 years.

Another favorite spot is the face painting corner. Kids can color on their faces and it will easily wash off (except the red). Arora loves to paint Mommy’s and Daddy’s face too.painting mom's face

The best and worst things about the museum are :

Pros: Lots of different activities for children to play with. Arora loves it, so I do too. Plenty of parking.

Cons: The price! We only go when we can get in for free. (see tomorrows post on using cultural passes.) The bathrooms are always  in need of maintenance. Either the stalls are without locks, or are out of order. The toilets are small and close to the ground which are perfect for kids, but couldn’t they have a taller one for parents too? Weekends are always packed! There are often large school groups that flood the museum too. We have found that a Monday or Tuesday morning is the best time to go.Arora's face painting.


3 thoughts on “Portland Children’s Museum

  1. We haven’t gone there in forever! I need to remember to sign up for a cultural pass. I am guessing Michael would love the little grocery store right now, although the whole place is fun for him!

  2. It’s fun for grandmas, too! I love going there with the kids and their mamas. I don’t think I’ve gone with any dads yet, but I’m sure that would be fun, too!

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