a Mother’s Day art project

We love to do art projects.  I started making a concentrated effort to do art projects in the beginning of April.   I guess that is why every time I suggest doing a project, Arora things we are going to dye eggs. Today we had the opportunity to have a friend over to do our project with us. Ollie decided his picture would be a present for Mother’s Day. I thought that was very thoughtful for a three year old.outline of child

First each child spread out on a big sheet of paper and I traced around them. Then they simply colored how they looked.

Arora (2 yo) just had a free for all coloring, scribbling and making shapes with the markers. Ollie (almost 3) was able to give his picture blond hair, and colored his feet green as he was wearing green shoes.kids coloring

Then we hung them on the wall to display. Just before Ollie’s mother came to pick him up we rolled his picture and tied it with a green ribbon. Ollie was very excited to give his mother a Mother’s Day gift. He insisted that today, was in fact Mother’s Day so she could open his present.finished art project

I think we will make a few more outline poster and give one to each of Arora’s grandmothers for Mother’s Day.


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