opening statement

I am from a big family. I married a man who is also from a big family. We currently have around 30 nieces and nephews, and more are to come! I am surrounded by so many inspiring women. A nurse, a book binder, a few that are incredibly crafty, one is an amazing cook, some write blogs, some garden and almost all are mothers. More then that almost all are stay at home moms. I too am a stay at home mom, by choice. When thinking about what talent I have that I shine at? What do I get the most pleasure from? What do I wish to share with others? I am a great mother.

I love being a mother. I always wanted to be a mother, I played with dolls until I was way too old.  Now I get to play dolls again, with my wonderful 2 year year old daughter. Arora fills my days with fun, laughter, challenges and wonder. I am amazed with her, she is learning so fast! I want to equip her with everything she needs to be a successful person in today’s world. This blog will focus on things that we do to enrich our lives and how we make every day meaningful.


6 thoughts on “opening statement

  1. I am excited for your new blog! I agree that you are a great mom. I love watching you with Arora, and I can’t wait for Ender to arrive.

  2. I’m really looking forward to keeping on your blog. I think I have a lot to learn from you on enjoying motherhood and living each moment to the fullest.

  3. I love the title of your blog. You are a great mother and so good at seizing the day with your child! That is something I am trying to work on. I’m so excited about this blog.

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere! I love the title of your blog. I want the same thing for my life…to choose to make every day meaningful. Thanks for that excellent reminder! 🙂

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